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Monday, August 31, 2009

A simple tool which enables you and your readers to convert documents and web pages to PDF format.

Developed by PJNation


Add Convert to PDF gadget to your blog

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Use this gadget to promote an event on your blog. Members of your blog can get details about the event (including images and video), see a map, indicate whether they will attend, and see who else has responded. Events can be added to a member's Google Calendar with a single click.

Developed by Google


Add Social Events Gadget to your Blogger Blog
While not specifically designed for use in Blogger blogs, Google's "Feeds in Tabs" gadget is awesome, and wholly compatible with Blogger templates.
Read up to four Atom or RSS feeds from within a single gadget using tabs. Feed titles and descriptions are optionally included and can be turned off. Customize the font-size and text for tab titles. Fetch 3-12 entries per feed including summaries if available.


Add the title and URL of each feed you would like to include in the gadget. You could, for example, add the following:
  • Your Blogger posts feed for recent posts
  • Your Blogger comments feed for recent comments
  • The URL of the RSS feed for your Twitter updates
  • Any important blogs you follow or are affiliated with
The font size of the headings may be customized for aesthetic purposes, and to ensure your titles fit within the available space.

Further choices include:
  • Display descriptions (summaries of entries in each feed)
  • Length of summaries (if chosen)
  • Number of entries for the feeds
  • Render HTML (this enables links and images to be displayed)
  • Show timestamp (date of each entry).
Developed by Google.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This is the ultimate scrabble helper and cheat. Use it to get scrabble help and win.
Here is a gadget for puzzlers, to help find and make words for the popular Scrabble game (and other applications).

This is a rather wide gadget which may not fit well in narrow sidebars.

Developed by


Note: This gadget is ad-supported.

Install Scrabble Helper gadget in your Blogger blog

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Use this gadget to show images of your community scrolling across your website. Visitors can click on a member's photo to learn more about them and become friends.

Developed by Alex Sponker


Add Scroller gadget to your Blogger blog

Monday, August 24, 2009

This gadget helps your readers bookmark your posts and pages easily with their favourite social bookmarking sites.

Currently supports only Twitter and Facebook, though I believe more social networks support may be added soon.

Developed by Barry Welch


Add Share It Gadget to your Blogger blog

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This gadget displays daily quotes from the historical figure, Albert Einstein.

Developed by Yuokool (email: yuokool12[at]hotmail[dot]com for support)

Note: this gadget is ad-supported.


Add Albert Einstein Quotes to your Blog

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This gadget displays a daily quote from former president, Ronald Reagan.

Created by Yuokool (email: yuokool12[at]hotmail[dot]com for support)


Note: this gadget is ad-supported.

Add Ronald Reagan quotes to your blog

Friday, August 21, 2009

This gadget enables you to add a guestbook in your Blogger sidebar:

A guestbook allowing visitors to your site to leave comments on your page. Customer feedback and word of mouth can be the most important selling point for your web site. Share what your users say about your page with this guestbook. 

To install in your blog, you will need to add a unique name for your guesbook. The colors and sizes of fonts may also be configured in the gadget options prior to installation.

Here is a screenshot of Guestbooker in action:

Developed by Fourth Floor Equipment

Add Guestbooker to your Blogger Blog
This gadget helps you discover which foods are in season, depending on the time of year and the American state in which you live (other countries are not yet supported):

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. Every day see the fruits and vegetables which are in season in your area. See what foods are growing near you. Click to find recipes for any ingredient. Fresh, seasonal food should be an important part of our everyday diet. Support your local farmers and growers and see what is available in your area for the freshest, most delicous foods you can find.

To install this gadget, choose the state you would like to display by default in the gadget options. Once installed, both you and your blog readers can change the locale and month to update the display.

Developed by Fourth Floor Equipment.

Here is a screenshot of how this gadget may appear in your Blogger layout:

Add Seasonal Foods Gadget to your Blogger blog
This gadget was developed by the Google team to demonstrate the potential capabilities of OpenSocial gadgets. Use this gadget as a basis for developing your own gadgets using the OpenSocial API, or simply as a "meta" gadget for explanations about your blog, readership and site community.

Here's a screenshot of this gadget:

Add OpenSocial Demonstration Gadget to your Blogger Blog

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This gadget displays thumbnails of your recent works from DeviantArt.

Installation is a little complicated, though this method is created to prevent others using your DeviantArt thumbnails on their own blogs. Firstly you must register your DeviantArt profile on (follow the instructions under the "Blogger" tab). Then once registered you can add your username in the gadget itself.

You can also choose to animate your thumbs in a gallery.


Developed by Ibrahim AYDIN

Add My DeviantArt Gallery to your Blogger Blog