Display forthcoming events from your public Google Calendar listings with this gadget.

This gadget uses the public RSS feed for your calendar(s) and can be configured to display forthcoming events from all your calendars, or just a particular one. Choose how many listings to display, and whether to display the description for each listing.


To add this gadget, you need to have at least one Google Calendar with public listings. If you do not have a calendar with public entries, nothing will be displayed.

To add all forthcoming entries...

Enter the email address you use to sign in to Google Calendar, and configure all other settings as required.

To include entries from one particular calendar...

You will need to enter the unique calendar ID in place of your email address. This id is usually in the format 1234567890@group.calendar.google.com

You can find this unique ID in the settings page for the individual calendar:


Developed by Amanda Fazani (Blogger Buster)

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