Don't worry - this is not a particularly rude gadget though I'd advise you not to install or view if you are offended by barely-clad ladies (hence the reason there is no screenshot for this particular one).

This is a Flash-based gadget with which you can "command" the character by typing words into the box below the video.

The "stripper" will respond by either following the command, or expressing her "misunderstanding" of your command.

Frankly, I find this hilarious! Aside from her attire, the character is rather "family friendly" and will not perform any command which would be viewed as unsavoury on a public blog. That is, unless anyone out there can find a command which works...? If so, please do let me know about unsavoury content so I can edit this family friendly post =)

Developed by Portal Romanesc

Screenshot - not available.